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دیاگ جی اسکن 2

دیاگ جی اسکن 2

مدل کالا:GSCAN 2
موجودی:در انبار
قیمت: 8,500,000 تومان

دستگاه G Scan2

دستگاه کاملا تخصصی برای خودروهای هیوندا و کیا

مولتی برند جهانی

قابلیت ساپورت 60 کمپانی خودرو سازی

قابلیت آپدیت آنلاین

با گارانتی خدمات پس از فروش



  • All the outstanding capability and performance of the G-Scan, plus...
  • Built in Oscilloscope
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Super fast triple processor  for high speed performance
  • Communication line inspection function
  • Simulation function for in-depth diagnostics
  • Built in Wi-Fi for cable free updates, PC connectivity and printing
  • 7" High definition, sunlight readable, LCD colour touch screen
  • 12 button menu navigation system
  • 16GB SD memory card
  • Windows CE 6.0 operating system
  • Special functions calculator for Ohm's law, parallel resistances and more
  • Handy unit converter
  • Market leading coverage for Asian cars and trucks
  • Instant boot-up from standby mode
  • Two year warranty and Two year free software updates

To view the G-Scan comparison chart,

G-Scan 2 Lite Contents

  • G-Scan 2 Unit
  • 16GB SD Card
  • DLC Main Cable
  • SD Card Reader
  • Self Test Adapter
  • PC Utility CD & Quick Manual
  • Hard Carry Case
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • AC Power Cord
  • Battery Cable
  • Cigarette Lighter Cable

Oscilloscope Kit:

  • Ground Cable
  • Channel A Probe (Red) Cable
  • Channel B Probe (Yellow) Cable
  • Scope Pins (Red & Black)
  • Spring Pins
  • Scope Clip (Red & Black)

Optional Adapters

G-Scan 2 Full Asian Kit also available. Kit includes Asian adapters for pre EOBD sockets.

Asian Vehicles

  1. Daewoo 12 Pin
  2. Honda / Acura 3 Pin
  3. Kia 6 Pin
  4. Hyundai / Kia Keyless
  5. Kia 20 Pin 'A'
  6. Kia 20 Pin 'B'
  7. Mazda 17 Pin
  8. Mitsubishi /
    Hyundai 12+16 Pin
  9. Nissan 14 Pin
  10. Ssangyong 14 Pin
  11. Ssangyong 20 Pin
  12. Subaru 9 Pin
  13. Toyota 17 Pin Round
  14. Toyota 17+1 Pin Square

European Vehicles

  1. BMW 20 Pin
  2. Mercedes 38 Pin
  3. VAG 2x2 Pin

Also Available

In addition to finding the cause of the problem with the 2/4 channel oscilloscope,
G-Scan 2 gives you the ability to measure current amps and secondary ignition using these optional leads.

COP Quick Pick-up Probe

Used for picking up the secondary ignition voltage by placing the tip on top of the ignition coil for the COP (Coil On Plug) / DIS (Direct Ignition System) where the ignition coil is placed on top of every cylinder.

60A & 600A Current Amp Clamps

Measures high and low current amperes with the inductive amps clamp.

Ignition HT Probe (High-Voltage Cable)

Used for picking up the secondary ignition voltage by clamping the high tension (voltage) cord of the distributor or the 2 ignition cables of the DLI (Distributor-less Ignition) ignition coil.

Blue - 2X4mm(F) / BNC(F) Adapters / Red-BNC (M) Adapter

The optional 4mm 'Banana Jack' and 'BNC' adaptors allow you to use your own existing leads or High and Low amp clamps, Coil on plug probe, or Distributor and Distributor-less ignition HT system probes through the CH. AUX setting when registered to the G-Scan.

For pricing or enquiries, or if you require a G-Scan demonstration, please select the appropriate button below.

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